Expected Results

A number of outputs will be developed through the project activities. These are different depending on the particular action nature. Overall, based on the project outcomes produced, four action “types” can be distinguished:

  1. Management Reports: these include written management and financial reports, quality control of activities completion forms, etc.
  2. Studies: these include the actual studies and research results.
  3. Communication : these include a portal, workshops and proceedings.
  4. Dissemination : these include exhibitions, competitions and seminars etc.

Indeed, based on the above project outputs, a number of different results (immediate advantages) will be pursued through the project activities. These include the number of producers/farmers attend the project seminars and modernize their practices, the number of students participate in the project competitions, the number of exhibitions participants and statistics for the portal visits. Our ultimate goal is an overall change of attribute towards the olive grove utilization in a modern and environmentally friendly manner in the regions of interest.

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