4η Συνάντηση Εταίρων, Ιταλία

Description : The common objective of the studies on the olive grove in this project is to determine, all possible regions of application  of this project, the productive possibilities of the olive grove, the relevant products, the various risks threatening the existence of the  olive grove. Also, the project will assess the risks that may threat the environment, flora and fauna of the olive grove, stemming from the inefficient management of the olive grove as to its cultivation. Practices enhancing the products’ quality will be determined as well as  practices of processing of these products, such as in the olive mills, and practices of the waste management. As objective of this project is to transfer and disseminate relevant knowledge, so that its recipients be able to face these issues under proper practices, it is aimed, through special studies, to record and describe the olive grove’s products, to identify relevant problems and to present modern methods to resolve these issues, so that target groups be validly informed on the best methods of management of these problems. In order to achieve these objectives, five actions have been designed and relate to studies, for the conduct of which various researchers, special  scientists, faculty members and also external experts on olive cultivation and on sustainable environmental development, authorities in the respective fields are eager to contribute.


  • Action 1 : Products and by-products from the processing of olive-crop: Products and by-products of the olive grove of Corfu will be presented in a study, their prevailing varieties and their characteristics, relevant qualities and problems related to quality that arising due to the individuality of the olive grove of Corfu. The ability of exploiting the products and by-products of olive in local economy of Corfu will also be studied.
  • Action 2 : Recording of existing waste management situation in olive presses: disposal of mills waste is a major factor in pollution & an intractable problem in the rural economy & natural environment of Corfu. Mill waste are phytotoxic, deteriorate ground quality, have an intense odor and a not readily biodegradable high organic load. Under this project, all operating mills will be recorded together with the quantities of liquid & solid waste generated by them. Also, ways that the waste is handled will be studied. Each method will be evaluated under the characteristics of the olive grove of Corfu. A Risk Analysis workshop will take place to manage potential threats to the environment from the olive grove itself and the process of its products.
  • Action 3 : Best methods for tackling olive-crop diseases: Enemies of the olive, such as the insects (olive moth), the places that they endemic, their biological characteristics and methods to overcome them will be presented in a study. Also, diseases that affect the olive, will be presented in the study. Various remedies, biotechnological, chemical and appropriate methods and treating practices will be presented. A Risk Analysis workshop will take place to identify and diminish the intolerable risks to the olive grove.
  • Action 4 : Consideration will be given to all necessary interventions in the Corfiot olive grove as part of a larger-scale environmental project on ameliorative interventions so that the upgraded olive grove, without the use of chemicals, with the proper management and with easy access, could attract visitors with a higher cultural level. The general premise and grounds for this study will be agro-tourism development in such a way that the farming population of Corfu can maintain their rural activities and social cohesion, there will still be the possibility for direct economic upgrading for the farmers and that, in a medium-term context, rural income will compete tourist income and that Corfu will be turned into a real “ecological” island.
  • Action 5 : The flora and fauna of the olive groves of Corfu: Object of the action is to study the detailed inventory of flora and fauna of the olive groves or Corfu, gathering and recording of plant (herbaceous plants, wild flowers and climbing plants, shrubs and trees) and fauna (birds) of olive groves in Corfu.

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